Saturday’s Endangered Music: Fiji

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Fiji is another one of the island nations looking to a climate-changed future that’s just around the corner. Some villages are already relocating inland to avoid the rising sea levels that Fijians have already started noticing: Vunidogoloa is the first village to be relocated under the climate change program. Acting Commissioner Northern Alipate Bolalevu said […]

Saturday’s Endangered Music: Sunda and the Indonesian Chamber Traditions

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Years ago, a Dutch lady loaned me an lp of music from Indonesia. While I had already heard and admired the island nation’s complex orchestral music — the “gamelan” — I was unprepared for the soft and exquisite chamber music of the Sundanese people, which immediately captured my heart and enraptured my ears. Sundanese music […]

Saturday’s Endangered Music Feature: Island Worlds in Jeopardy — Tuvalu

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The world’s island nations are truly on the “front lines” of climate change, facing not just refugee crises and resource depletion but the very real possibility that their lands themselves will cease to exist as ocean levels continue to rise. One such nation is Tuvalu, six rock atolls and three reef islands midway between Hawaii […]