Our Mission


This is a new project at the intersection of musical creativity and environmental activism, and I want to ask for your participation. It’ll take you 3 minutes, tops — very simple, very easy, very important.

I am building an online video “collage” featuring musicians from all over the world; different idioms, different languages…all doing variations on the same message: that it’s time to take action on climate change, to get serious about climate change. It is NOW.

Some Questions:

You may well ask: Since the climate’s already shot to hell, and all we have left is a grim waiting game before the crap hits the air ducts, what’s the use?

Isn’t this just a distracting feel-good initiative when there’s real work that needs to be done?

Do you honestly expect this to have an impact?

And I will answer each objection in turn:

  • If nothing else, we as performers can bear witness. We are among the only people in the world who get given microphones and audiences; it is our responsibility to our fellow humans to help them understand what is happening in order to face it with courage and calm.
  • If it only takes you three minutes to do, then it’s not much of a distraction, is it? You can even do it while you’re waiting to be arrested outside the White House! And when the news on climate is so unremittingly grim, there’s much to be said for finding ways to feel better for a few moments. These videos help me gather strength for the battles ahead; they help me feel like I’m not alone. That’s got to be worth something.
  • Everything has an impact. Perhaps this Video project will be that one small yop that put it over the top.


Warren Senders