2 thoughts on “Another Reason To Distrust Our Media

  1. While I understand this jab at the abysmal, destructive, ignorance-inducing corporate media machine, I disagree with the use of Justin Bieber in this meme. Sure, he’s not my cup of tea musically, either. However, I think we should consider how a celebrity figure like Bieber could be MASSIVELY impact a campaign like the Climate Message should he or someone like him sign on. What if we had a Justin Bieber or a Lady Gaga giving the Climate Message in their stadium concerts or on national TV, reaching millions of young enthusiastic minds? I think the impact could be exponential. The challenge of climate change is as “all hands on deck” as it gets; let’s not exclude anyone as a potential ally.

    1. Well spoken, Sean. I wonder what would be a non-specific image that would be a good symbol for corporatized media? Something that didn’t come off as dissing a particular individual, but which made the point that this is the musical equivalent of industrial monocropped agriculture. Lemme think about that a bit and come up with a new meme or two.

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