No KXL!!! – Addiction and Irrationality – No. 13


Don’t dawdle. Our futures depend on it, so go and make a public comment against the Keystone XL pipeline. Here are a few pre-composed comments which you can copy & paste (if you’re in a hurry) or simply paraphrase (if you have the the time and are feeling creative). Then do it again. And again.

The assertion that the Keystone XL pipeline and the dangerous and dirty tar sands oil it is intended to carry will have no impacts on climate change is based entirely on the assumption that this toxic dilbit will inevitably be extracted, transported across the continental US, and burned.

This is a bizarre and irrational way of thinking which can be made clearer by drawing the analogy to other forms of addictive behavior — imagine a heavy smoker rationalizing that since those cigarettes are inevitably going up in smoke sometime, they won’t have any health impacts. Absurd, isn’t it? But this is the logic of dependency, which is to say, no logic at all.

The question of pipelines’ safety record may be forever unresolvable: which is worse, an explosive train derailment or a massive leak over a vulnerable aquifer? But what has been resolved conclusively is that CO2 emissions from the Canadian Tar Sands are more than enough to trigger runaway climate change on an order far greater than any we’ve yet experienced. The Keystone pipeline is a disaster in the making.

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