NO KXL — Another Mad-Lib For Your Commenting Convenience — No. 8

The Tar Sands extraction, before and after.

When you’re making a public comment, just select one from each group, and you’ll have your very own “original” comment.

a – (The Keystone XL pipeline)
b – (The extraction of Tar Sands oil)
c – (This project)

a – (is catastrophic on multiple levels of scale.)
b – (isn’t just a disaster in the making, but many disasters — some immediate, some long-term.)
c – (is a “perfect storm” of climatic and environmental impacts.)

a – (The destruction of millions of acres of boreal forest)
b – (Cutting down countless trees)
c – (Destroying huge amounts of Canadian forest land)

a – (in order to exploit Canada’s tar sands)
b – (for the most venal of motives)
c – (to feed our civilization’s addiction to fossil fuels)

a – (is already an environmental blunder of huge proportions.)
b – (is an inexcusable crime against nature.)
c – (is an example of the most thoughtless greed imaginable.)

a – (Transporting the filthy Tar Sands oil across the US)
b – (Sending toxic dilbit all the way across North America)
c – (A pipeline running from the Tar Sands to Texas)

a – (holds the potential for hundreds of local and regional disasters.)
b – (is going to damage and destroy both ecosystems and communities all over the country.)
c – (will inevitably leak, causing enormous damage to lives and property.)

a – (In the longer term, burning all that oil will push the greenhouse effect into overdrive,)
b – (And as far as our descendants are concerned, when that carbon enters the atmosphere, it’s going to stay there for millennia,”
c – (And if we burn that oil, the CO2 emissions will trigger runaway climate change,”

a – (a situation from which recovery may be impossible.)
b – (making a stable planetary environment a thing of the past.)
c – (leaving an inhospitable Earth on which countless humans will be unable to survive.)

a – (If President Obama allows the pipeline project to proceed,)
b – (Should the Keystone XL receive presidential approval,)
c – (If the Obama administration ignores these warnings,)

a – (we will know that his commitment to the fight against global warming is)
b – (it’ll be clear that those noble words about the climate emergency are)
c – (there will be no doubt that the fine speeches about the urgency of climate change are)

a – (inadequate to the magnitude of the crisis.)
b – (only cosmetic, not actual.)
c – (mere window dressing to an energy policy dominated by the short-term profiteering of the fossil-fuel industry.)

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