Pete Wants To Tell You Something:

“There will be a human race here in 100 years if we work together and find a way to teach others to work together.”

What Pete aimed to achieve with the Clearwater was to get people down to the water’s edge with the promise of music and fun — with the assumption that once they were there, they’d notice the river was terribly polluted, and start making efforts to get it cleaned up. Which, his friends told him, was ludicrous and would never work. And which, unsurprisingly in hindsight, worked.

“In 2002, Pete Seeger was named a “Clean Water Hero” for his prominent efforts in the passage of the Clean Water Act.[7] His tireless devotion to working through Clearwater and promoting its message to effectively use the law in prosecuting polluters of America’s waterways has made the Clean Water Act one of the most successful environmental laws in the country.[8]Wiki

The Climate Message website was inspired by Pete Seeger’s tireless activism, and by the notion that if you show people something that’s worth saving, they might come together to help save it.

In this case, of course, what we want to save is the beauty and variety of the world’s music — and the many cultures that make such an efflorescence possible. All of which, to one degree or another, are under threat from climate change. Which is why we are trying to show as many different styles and forms of music as possible: the garden is full of flowers, and all deserve our care, admiration and protection.

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