Our Failed Corporate Media, Chapter 945,233

If you’re a sports fan, you should probably be getting involved in this:

ESPN announcers Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes mainstreamed the right-wing myth that cold weather in January disproves man-made climate change.

During the first half of a January 7 game, Dykes discussed a pattern of cold weather blanketing much of the United States and said he had observed a national television debate earlier over “whether or not global warming was still taking place.” While laughing Dykes said, “I listened to about 30 seconds of it, but the guy saying no it has not, I think he won the debate.” Nessler laughed in response.

While I tend to regard professional sports as a part of the circuses promoted by our corporate masters to keep us distracted — and about as connected to real-world athletics as corporate music is to the art most of us make — I am (often painfully) aware that I’m in the minority.

Here’s the contact page for ESPN. Let them know what you think.

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