Assessing Conservative Thinking On Climate Change Leads To A Tortured Analogy

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When political “conservatives” (the term is in quotes because there’s nothing at all conservative about any of their positions) finally get around to admitting the existence of climate change, they have a variety of options when it comes to causes, consequences, and mitigation. Causes: Is climatic chaos the result of greenhouse gas emissions from industrial […]

Grownups Say The Darndest Things

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When you have a climate-change discussion with someone who either hasn’t been paying attention, or who’s swallowed the corporate media’s denialist message, you’re very likely to hear these two arguments: “It’s all part of a natural cycle.” — the argument that the Global Weirding we’re now experiencing is just a manifestation of natural variability. But […]

There Are Only A Few Moles To Whack, But They’re EVERYWHERE!

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When you talk to people about climate issues, you’ll constantly be battling against the well-oiled (grim pun intentional) denialism machine described in this Guardian article: The conservative media may currently be the single biggest roadblock to addressing the threat posed by human-caused climate change. There is virtually no support for any sort of climate policy […]