The Climate Message: Gabrielle Agachiko

Gabrielle Agachiko
Kenya, Africa & Massachusetts, USA

When The Water Is Gone –
Lyric by Gabrielle Agachiko, Music by Cara Smith

“Weʼll see what happens, when the well runs dry
When we canʼt wash or swim or cry
Then weʼll realize, but much too late
To undo, shift or reverse
When the water is gone

“Then weʼll know, weʼll look around
See the end of our demand
In the country or in town, among acres of land
All over the land, heads buried in the sand
So sure we never hear the sound of truth
When the water is gone

“Rolling arid vistas, and winds that burn the skin
For every scrap a battle, for every drop a sin
As birds fall from the sky
Fish suffer then they die,
And we scratch our heads as we wonder why….

“Children take heed, hark unto my word
Youʼd better pay attention to the bees and birds
The deer and the tress are wiser than we
Theyʼre telling what will happen to you and me
When the water is gone.”

From “Yes” — Accurate Records AC-5063

Gabrielle Agachiko – voice
Scott Getchell – trumpet
Ken Field – flute
Russ Gershon – tenor sax
Sam Davis – guitar
Blake Newman – bass
Phil Neighbors – drums

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