The Climate Message: Samm Bennett

Samm Bennett – voice, strumstick
Tokyo, Japan



Samm Bennett (b. Birmingham, Alabama, 1957), is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Samm Bennett is a singer and songwriter, a drummer and percussionist, and a player of string instruments such as the stick dulcimer (sometimes called a dulcitar) and the diddley bow. He also works occasionally in electronic music, using synthesizers, WaveDrum, effects and various toys and gadgets. He is also a player of the Đàn môi (Vietnamese jaw harp), as well as the mouth bow. His musical activities include membership in several different bands, all based in Tokyo, where he resides. He is also a solo performer.




If you’re a performer in any idiom, please consider joining the Climate Message Video Festival, an online initiative bringing together musicians from all over the world to increase awareness of climate change.

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