As of December 28, 2013…

As of December 28, 2013, people have delivered the Climate Message in

San Antonio, Texas: “I have made the commitment, had my first announcement
tonight at my monthly kirtan in San Antonio, TX. Thank you for the inspiration to act and the reminder that we have the power to influence hearts and minds.”

Bangalore, India

Missoula, Montana: “Gave a brief climate speech at my gig in Missoula, MT tonight. Got some cheers and fist raises from climatologist Steve Running, who happened to be in attendance.”

Pune, India

Mumbai, India:

various cities in Japan

Boston, MA

Bandra, Mumbai, India: “…it changes the energy in the room. It is as difficult to do as remembering to do it. Its our responsibility to take a leadership role as many of our so called leaders seek only re election….There is big power in this small gesture….We can feel a powerful positive resonance in the house when we address this issue…The primal instinct for survival must be tapped.”

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