In New Orleans, Music Is A Climate Issue — And Climate Is A Music Issue!

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Over the four years of the Climate Letter Project, I had relatively few opportunities to link climate and music, despite the many obvious connections. This was one. The NOLA Defender (New Orleans, LA) gives the Big Easy’s perspective on climate: Global warming often conjures images of melting ice caps and smokestacks spewing soot. On Friday, […]

Wind Energy Isn’t The Only Kind You Can Get!

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While there are plenty of raw materials for instrument-making which have come under threat from climate change and environmental destruction (tropical hardwoods, to offer just one example), at least one type of instrument seems safe. Arundo Donax, the “giant reed” which provides the vibrating material for saxophonists & clarinetists worldwide, is not only critical for […]

Bernie Krause

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Berne Krause has been recording the natural world for decades. His book “The Great Animal Orchestra” is one of the most important things you can read — both for insight into the ways we humans evolved as a species in a world saturated with music, and for (mostly very depressing) insights into just how badly […]