NO KXL!!! — Corporate Criminality Edition — No. 9

Get ready to submit a comment about the Keystone XL.

Here are four bullet point versions of the same idea: the people who are proposing the pipeline are totally (TOTALLY!) untrustworthy. Pick one, add a few lines of your own, and off you go.

• The oil industry has a long and ugly record of ignoring its own protocols, stonewalling investigations, manipulating evidence, and using its financial resources to corrupt the government agencies responsible for enforcing compliance with environmental regulations.

• Is there any valid reason to trust the oil industry’s assurances that the Keystone XL will be safe? Certainly not if you look at the past history of oil industry assurances.

• Given their past track record of misinformation, legal stonewalling, manipulation of evidence, and outright chicanery, there is absolutely no reason to trust TransCanada’s professions of integrity.

• Why would anyone give control over a sensitive and environmentally delicate operation to a corporation with a long history of chicanery and unethical behavior in the service of profit?

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