Can’t Lose For Winnin’

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Moral ambiguity is never fun. The fact is that there is no way to buy gasoline and feel good about it. Hugo Chavez wasn’t perfect, but at least getting a fill-up at a Citgo station let me imagine briefly that my money wasn’t going directly to species traitors like the sociopaths who run Exxon and […]

Dialogue: Here’s How To Do It

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Here is a nice example from Wisconsin of positive dialogue between an environmentally aware activist and a corporate representative. The questions were beautifully sequenced. Unfortunately the author doesn’t tell us what happened after that. Recently, on a trip to northern Wisconsin, I talked with a member of our timber industry. I could tell the gentleman […]

This Is What We Call A “Teachable Moment.”

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Uh-oh. CHARLESTON, W.Va.—Officials in Kentucky and Ohio were preparing Monday for the arrival of a slow-moving, 60-mile-long chemical plume drifting toward them down the Ohio River, after its accidental release prompted a five-day water ban here. (snip) While many said they didn’t foresee a major problem, they also weren’t taking chances after the release of […]

They Told Us So

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It’s been almost two centuries since Svante Arrhenius discovered the greenhouse effect, and more than fifty years since Arctic ice melt caused by increased atmospheric CO2 was predicted in a 1953 edition of Popular Mechanics. Over time, climatologists have been steadily developing analytical and predictive tools of ever-greater precision and sophistication, as evidenced by their […]