The Climate Message: Sandhya Sanjana & Satchit Puranik

Sandhya Sanjana & Satchit Puranik — Voices
Mumbai // Amsterdam

Sandhya Sanjana is an Indian vocalist who integrates Indian classical vocals with jazz and world music.

Sandhya was classically trained in India under various gurus. Later she discovered jazz and world music and started fusing all these styles with Indian classical vocals.

After moving to Europe, she embarked on a solo career. She has composed, recorded and performed her music embracing many styles. Living in Amsterdam and London, she is also a member of several world music bands. In the last years, she has toured and performed extensively all over the world.

Her great joy in interacting with musicians from all over the world has been made possible by collaborations with various artistes who combine her Indian vocals with modern music styles, including trance, dance, jazz and world fusion. Sandhya finds it a real challenge to give listeners around the world music which enables the spread of Indian music in its myriad forms.


If you’re a performer in any idiom, please consider joining the Climate Message Video Festival, an online initiative bringing together musicians from all over the world to increase awareness of climate change.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Turn on video recording on your cellphone or webcam.

2. Play or sing 20-30 seconds of music – anything you like.

3. Speak to the camera, in any language you like. Say your name, your location, and some sentence like, “Climate change is a danger to us all — time to take action.”

4. Play or sing another 20-30 seconds of music.

5. Turn off video.

6. Email file to

7. There is no 7. You’re done.

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