We Can Do This: The Climate Message Video Project

Screen fades up from black.

We see a musician playing an instrument. Music fills the space for 10-15 seconds.

The performer stops playing, looks at the camera, and says:

“My name is (name). I live in (place), and I play (instrument/style of music). Climate change threatens our lives, our culture, our civilization, and our music. If you love music, please learn about climate change and what all of us can do to protect the future.”

Performer starts playing again. Music fills the space for another 10-15 seconds.

Screen fades to black, then shows the Climate Message URL.

Multiply this by a hundred, by a thousand, by ten thousand.

Let it be in hundreds of different languages: Urdu, Hungarian, Dogon, Portuguese, English, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Tamil, Mandarin…

Let artists from thousands of different cultures be represented (with links to their websites/contact info attached, of course) on The Climate Message video wall.

The dazzling variety of the world’s music is one of the very best things about humanity. If aliens with a planet-buster wanted to know why they shouldn’t blow us up, our species’ music might be the most convincing argument we could offer.

Perhaps it’ll be a convincing argument as to why WE shouldn’t blow ourselves up?

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