Five Thousand Holes In Blackburn, Lancashire

Amidst all the full-scale destruction, we need to note the smaller deteriorations of infrastructure which are going to affect our lives.

The perennial pothole, the bane of area motorists and scourge of busy road crews everywhere, is back, and this year they’re early.

February and March are usually the prime months for pothole season, but recent fluctuations in temperatures the past few weeks have spawned an early crop in the region.

Temperatures went from sub-zero to the 50s and back down to freezing, and precipitation went from snow to rain and back to snow causing several early freeze-thaw cycles.


More potholes means more traffic slowdowns. More money needed in the tax base to take care of repairs. More damaged cars. More accidents. More road rage.

More band vans with clapped-out axles and damaged wheels. More delays getting to gigs & rehearsals. More repair costs.

It adds up, and it all means that the life of a working musician is going to be just a little more inconvenient, just a little costlier, just a little more aggravating.

Seamus Moore tells they’ve got the same problem in Ireland:

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