No KXL — A Short And Simple Mad-Lib (No. 4)

Block That Pipeline!!!
Block That Pipeline!!!
Block That Pipeline!!!

Here’s another quick and dirty “mad-lib” that will help you generate useful texts when you go and make a public comment about the Keystone XL pipeline.

a – (Please consider carefully)
b – (Do not ignore)
c – (It is crucial to recognize)


a – (impact on climate change and global warming)
b – (consequences for our planet’s climatic stability)
c – (threat of a runaway greenhouse effect)


a – (the XL Keystone pipeline will have, if built.)
b – (constructing the Keystone pipeline will cause.)
c – (extracting and transporting Tar Sands oil will trigger.)

a – (And then don’t build it.)
b – (This is the single biggest reason to leave that dirty oil in the ground.)
c – (The pipeline is a significant threat to our species’ survival.)

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