Smack Dab In The Middle With You

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Another day, another oil spill, shutting down a substantial stretch of the Mississippi River around New Orleans. The spill occurred on Saturday when a barge carrying oil crashed into a tugboat between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Authorities closed the stretch of river on Sunday and still can’t say exactly how much oil was spilled, […]

Verbose Mad-Lib, NO KXL!!! — No. 11

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BLOCK THAT PIPELINE!!! BLOCK THAT PIPELINE!!! BLOCK THAT PIPELINE!!! It’s easy to make a public comment against the Keystone XL pipeline. Here’s a “mad-lib” to help with the composition process. Select one from each group, copy and paste…and click “submit.” Then do it again. And again. a — The assertion that a transcontinental pipeline will […]

You’re Just A Pipeline

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Rep. Raúl Grijalva’s statement on the State Department’s assessment of the Keystone XL project is worth your attention. Grijalva is one of the most reliable allies of the environmental movement in today’s Congress, and he nails it in this blistering review of the reports questionable ethical underpinnings: “This process has featured multiple documented conflicts of […]

People Get Ready, There’s A Rain a-Coming

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Nobody ever said preparing for climate change was going to be anything but horrifically complicated, and when our pathologically inept and commitment-averse Congress is part of the process, it just keeps getting crazier and crazier. The Senate just smacked a four-year snooze button on the Federal Flood Insurance program, which needed upgrading and retrofitting as […]

Oil Pipelines: The Dirty Needles Of Our Planetary Addiction

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Our continuing hunger for illusory cheap energy is the enabling force behind the corporate sociopaths who are spilling the Earth’s blood over the land. North Dakota, the nation’s No2 oil producer behind Texas, recorded nearly 300 oil pipeline spills in less than two years, state documents show. None was reported to the public, officials said. […]

Why We Do This

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Consider a finely sharpened blade, slicing through a piece of wood in a cabinet-maker’s workshop. The chisel’s razor tip is parting the fibers, supported by a substantial piece of steel which lends that keen edge all its strength, and without which carving is impossible. To exclaim over a beautiful piece of joinery is to extol […]