The NorthEast is Frozen Solid…

…which doesn’t disprove anything about climate change, no matter what the denialists babble.

Schools were cancelled. Roads were closed. People’s lives came to a halt. (We had a great time playing in the snow for a few minutes until it got too cold to stay outdoors)

All of which is very nice, of course…unless you’ve got a living to make. Performers who work from gig to gig don’t have a guaranteed income; it’s money out of our pockets every time a performance gets cancelled whenever extreme weather shuts down roads and businesses.

There’s more to it than that, of course. Environmental chaos is already having impacts on agriculture, which means that food is going to get more expensive. Which in turn means that people will have less money to spend on luxuries like a night out listening to live music.

As with everything inside these complex dynamic systems, the chain of correlation is pretty long and twisty, but the conclusion is inevitable: climate change is going to hit musicians in the gigs. Fewer of them, less money from them: hard times, unless you’re one of the very few who are favored by our corporate overlords.

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